Sound-Sleep Acupuncture

Acupuncture is renowned for its ability to help people with insomnia and sleep disorders.

 Acupuncture has an overall regulatory effect on the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic “fight or flight mode” and parasympathetic “rest and digest mode”) which is part of our nervous system that enables us to do everything from breathing to sleeping, and the central nervous system which calls the shots.

 If certain neurotransmitters are deficient they can cause insomnia and disturbed sleep. Knowing this allows our treatments to be more specific and more measurable.

If your body is always in a state of stress it’s very difficult to get quality sleep. Most of my patients are in this sympathetic response; luckily, this is the easiest cause of sleep issues to treat and cure. Acupuncture balances
and regulates the HPA axis (the connection between our brain chemistry and our body’s response to changes in our brain chemistry), treating the root cause of over- and under-stimulated adrenal glands (which ruin sleep).