Jone’s Fractures are the most common foot fracture, they’re common in dancers, athletes and anyone who is on their feet a lot or doing a physical job. A Jone’s Fracture is a small break on the lateral foot in the fifth metatarsal, the bone that is connected to the pinky toe. These fractures can occur from something as minor as stepping or running on uneven ground or increasing physical activity, because this bone is near the end of the toe and fractures normally occur at the end of the bone which reduces blood flow – this can make healing time even longer. These fractures are painful and don’t have many western treatments options. Immediately rest and ice is advised to avoid any further fractures or breaks. In some cases surgery may be necessary however if surgical intervention is not advised the fracture will heal on its own but can take several months and it is recommended to wear a boot or use crutches until weight bearing is not painful on the injured foot, in some cases this may be up to 4 months. 

A patient came to us having injured his foot about 3 weeks prior to treatment, he was unable to walk and put weight on his right foot and he noticed swelling at the time of the injury. The pain was described as shooting and throbbing whenever he tried to walk and was worse in the morning. After just one treatment, the pain had reduced in intensity by 70% and he was able to walk comfortably and move his foot through all ranges of motion without discomfort. We needled very local to the injured area as well as using electrical stimulation and moxibustion directly over the fracture. E-stimulation was used to stimulate periosteum and bone growth. The moxibustion and needling worked together to decrease any inflammation from the injury and increase blood circulation to promote faster healing of the fracture. By the third treatment this patient was able to start being more active and incorporating light workouts back into his routine.

-Anna Craddock, Student of Acupuncture

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